Bell Transitional Housing
Bell, CA

The Salvation Army, teaming with the Los Angeles County Mental Health Department, the ENKI Health & Research Systems, Inc. and a wide range of government agencies, acquired a surplus army building to address the needs of the growing number of chronically ill, homeless individuals suffering from mental health problems and substance abuse in the Los Angles area. A variety of room sizes and type were created and organized along a common, interior “streetscape” in this voluminous 76,000 SF structure. Creative use of partial-height walls provide needed privacy while also adding to the sense of safety. Clear sightlines and logical room arrangements further enhance security. Excellent acoustics, skylights and smaller size lounges and recreation rooms for socialization all add to the comfort of the residents. There is housing for 240, along with a large complex which has a commercial kitchen/dining component; classrooms; counseling rooms; an infirmary; computer rooms; and recreation. This once surplus structure is now providing shelter and services to help the homeless.

The Salvation Army