Lamanda Park Urban Design Study
Pasadena, CA

The Pasadena neighborhood around East Colorado Boulevard known as Lamanda Park stretches east from Sierra Madre Boulevard to Sunnyslope. It has been known over the past decades for its interesting combination of residential use mixed in with creative, service and industrial uses. Onyx Architects, along with NAI Capital and EPT Design, worked with the city and business leaders and this neighborhood to create a vision for the district. Envisioned were careful development of the streetscapes with trees and landscaped areas, a typology to encourage the burgeoning technology and arts uses in the area, and creation of a series of distinctive “places.” Ultimately, four planned community workshops were held to foster input toward crafting a vision statement, which the City will use in future discussions in crafting the City’s General Plan.

The community of Lamanda Park and their surrounding neighbors