Plaza Del Valle Shopping Center
Panorama City, CA

**Currently Under Construction**

The Plaza Del Valle Shopping Center caters to the area's different ethnic groups. Much of the development of the project had been impromptu — a collection of ad-hoc buildings painted bright colors, artists murals and crafts-pieces, performance areas and shade structures. The plaza that was created has been successful as a cultural and commercial center in the district. The plaza still lacked an effective performance stage, and there were problems with the vehicle and pedestrian access throughout the site, as well as a lack of identity on the main street Plaza Del Valle is located on — Van Nuys Boulevard. Onyx moved an impromptu performance courtyard from the back of the site — where the space was ill-defined and prone to causing noise pollution for a nearby residential neighborhood — to an entertainment courtyard created by a demolished storefront that faced the boulevard. This new activity ‘gate to the street’ features a performance stage and public gathering area. This removed a vacant and historically underperforming building and provided a vital public space with ideal venues for small businesses. The old performance space was redesigned to introduce a children’s play area created by Shane’s Inspiration, notable for its work in making play spaces that are accessible to disabled children. The driveways and pedestrian ways were reworked to make them safer and more inviting.

Agora Realty + Management